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NT Friendship & Support Inc have a number of policies which guide the way we work and the interactions we have with participants, clients, staff and volunteers. These policies have been included below to inform you about the way we work and your rights when dealing with NTFS.

Privacy Policy

NT Friendship & Support (NTFS) is committed to protecting and upholding the right to privacy of participants, clients, staff, volunteers, Management Committee, members and representatives of agencies we deal with. For further information please download our Privacy Policy here.

National Principles for Child Safe Organisations

NT Friendship & Support (NTFS) is committed to working within the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. The principles aim to provide a nationally consistent approach to creating organisational cultures that foster child safety and wellbeing. You can view the principles by downloading the pdf here or visit the website on this link.

Personal and Health Information Collection Statement

This policy contains information on how you may request access to, and correction of your personal information, and details how you may raise a complaint about a breach of your privacy and how we will deal with such a complaint. To download the policy click here.

Access to Service 

NT Friendship & Support services are open to all people with a disability, regardless of race, sex, religion, sexuality, marital status, or political belief. For full details of our Access to Service Policy please download the document here.

Client Rights and Service Charter

NT Friendship & Support understands and supports the principles of fairness and human rights in all aspects of service delivery. It will ensure that services are provided in an environment free from discrimination, financial, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, neglect or exploitation. To access our Client Rights and Service Charter please download it here.

Client Safety and Protection Policy

NT Friendship & Support strives to ensure we provide client centric services. NTFS is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all people accessing its services. Our Client Safety and Protection Policy aims to reduce the risk of abuse occurring and to ensure that a caring and appropriate response is taken should an incident of abuse occur. You can access the document in full here.

Reporting of At Risk Behaviour

Many of the children and young people that NTFS work with come from complex backgrounds, and have experienced multiple traumas. From time to time, this can manifest in some inappropriate and antisocial behaviour. This procedure details how to report and record when behaviour becomes dangerous to the child or young person, or others. You can download the policy here.

Sexuality and Freedom from Abuse

You have choice and control in your life and about your body. Freedom from abuse and the right to tell someone if you are abused is important. You can find more information about our sexuality and abuse policy here.